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The BIG DADDY of 3D printing! The “Little Monster” as it is affectionately known is based on the Kossel Delta 3D printer design. With a great many more improvements this is a proven design with tens of thousands of users all around the world. With an ENORMOUS BUILD area (much larger than the Tarantula and Black Widow) it is built with a stronger frame construction to reduce flex when printing! Now you have a unique opportunity to have your very own “Little Monster” 3D Printer. All parts of this 3D printer are made with the highest-grade aluminium designed for many years of operation. There are no difficult to find parts so in the event you may need to perform any repairs or require any parts rest assured these are readily available! 
The “Little Monster” comes with original BL Touch sensor made by ANTCLABS and works with any and all bed materials. The sensor uses a touch pin that is extended during the levelling operation and is retracted during normal printing operations. Being a "touch" sensor you can use a heated-bed covering material such as borosilicate glass without worrying if the sensor will detect the surface. This of course can happen with "magnetic proximity" sensors used on other models.
The Little Monster also comes with an 8-inch Full Colour MKS TFT28 HD Touch Screen and is supported by both U disk and SD cards. The "pause" function allows you to pause your print job before you switch. When you switch your printer back on simply pick-up where you left off.
The “Little Monster” uses all metal parts in its frame construction – extruded black anodised aluminium is used for the frame material with aluminium end plates for the assemblies and ball bearing v-groove wheels for silky smooth, quite operation. There are no smooth rod, linear bearing issues you find with other printers in this price range!
The glass-ceramic heated bed plate is 350mm diameter print area and the whole area is heated by a 110-220VAC power supply (This is selectable based on your location). This allows much faster warm-up times as opposed to many other Hobby 3D printers on the market. This controls the temperature a great deal better due to lower response times to temperature changes and removes the issues of running high current levels to the heated bed causing issues with MOSFET burnouts! 
The filament feed motor assembly now uses a Titan Extruder with a 3:1 reduction gear transmission and 1.8-Deg./Step extruder motor to increase the torque force exerted on the filament during printing and better accuracy of the filament feed - no more 'click-click-click) of the feeder due to either partially blocked hot-end assembly or not enough force to feed the filament at the right flow-rate during printing. The hot-end/feeder assembly is made from metal so there is no concern for warpage due to high temperatures and/or long printing sessions. The cooling fan shroud is based on a dual-fan assembly made from stainless steel. 
A new feature for the TEVO printer line is the use of the BL Touch auto-levelling sensor. This is a standard feature on this printer. This is a true BL Touch sensor. The BL Touch sensor reduces the error on the printer print bed alignment by accounting for the differences across the print bed. 
The power supply is now installed inside a power unit enclosure along with the main board and LCD panel display for local control or the printer. Installation of the power supply removes the issue of possible accidental and/or electrical shocks due to exposed mains
power connections. The power unit enclosure has a slot for a SD Card to allow printing locally without connection to a computer. Simply load the G-code on the SD-card then select the file using the LCD panel to print the object. 
This is a DIY KIT (Unassembled). All you need is included in the kit including tools so you can get started straight away!
The buyer is wholly responsible for the assembly and as such Click Depot will not accept any returns for this kit once unpackaged and/or assembled.

Whilst the Little Monster is relatively simple to assemble and set-up it does take time and patience. It is also important that you have a basic understanding of mechanical assembly techniques and electrical wiring.

Under no circumstances should you handle wiring or the power supply when this machine is plugged in and/or turned on. One should maintain a healthy respect for electricity at all times.

 To avoid burns do not touch the heated print bed when operating and in particular the hot-end.

For younger users, (below 18yrs) we would strongly recommend an adult be present to supervise during assembly/set-up and also during operation.

Full Colour MKS TFT28 HD Touch Screen: 
  • The Large 8-inch Colour Touch Screen LCD Support both U disk and SD cards
  • Supports continual software update. Updates are a breeze!
  • Suitable for most main boards such as Ramps 1.4, MKS Base, MKS Gen and MKS Mini.
  • P&P. No need to worry about modifying your firmware. Supports Marlin\Smoothieware and Repetier.
  • Support save function when power switched off. When using this function, simply tap “pause” before you switch power off. When you switch power on again the printer will pick-up from where it left off!
  • Designed to support non-Cartesian machines (rotational axes: wall drawer, SCARA robot, Delta/Parallel robot, Robotic arm, Spherical/Cylindrical robot, etc …).
  • Currently supported: Cartesian and H-Bot (CoreXY), Linear Delta, Rotary Delta and Feather.
  • Supports all features found in Reprap firmwares.
  • Compatible with the normal Reprap ecosystem (G-code flavour), making it compatible with the common Reprap Hosts (Pronterface, Octoprint etc).
  • Easy configuration using a simple configuration file on the SD card (no compiling/flashing required).
  • Serial interface over USB.
  • High step rate (120khz) for higher movement speed or high micro stepping.
  • Easy firmware upgrade via the SD card.
  • Modular and well commented code.
  • Modular, event driven design, allowing to add functionality easily without modifying the core.
  • Smoothieware is a free, opensource, high performance and modular G-code interpreter and CNC control system for most of the opensource reprap 32bits controller board.
  •     Smoothieware is already preconfigured/flashed to the board of the Little Monster, so you can simply plug in and get started.  
Little Monster 3D Printer Specs:
Name: Tevo “Little Monster” 3D Delta Kossel Printer kit
Model Number: Tevo 3D Delta
Positioning Accuracy: Z 0.02mm, X & Y 0.02mm
Minimum Layer Thickness: 50 microns
Layer Resolution: 0.05 mm to 0.8 mm
MAX Printing Speed: 150 mm/s
Recommended Printing Speed: 80 mm/s
Build size: 350 Dia. X 500mm Tall
Printing Colour: Single colour – Single Head
Filament Types: PLA, ABS, Nylon, PETG, Wood, PVA and Flex
Extruder Type: Titan Feed Extruder with 3:1 Ratio feed
Extruder Diameter: 0.4 mm
Filament Diameter: 1.75 mm
Recommended Extruder Temperature: 210°C (the maximum can be set to 260°C)
Heating Plate Temperature: 60-120°C (when in a 25°C environment – no drafts) AC powered for faster heating.
Best Ambient Temperature: ≥25°C
Power requirements: 220V, 500W, 50/60Hz, (110-220V switchable) 24V Output
Control Electronics: MKS BASE with MKS TFT28 running Smoothieware Firmware
Connection: via SD card on LCD Display or USB
File Print Format: STL, G-Code (SD-Card G-Code only)
Compatibility: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10, Linux, 
Mac OX
CE, FCC Specifications: CE, FC, ROHS
Device Weight: 28kg
Device Height: 1200mm
Shipping Weight: 38kg
Whilst the Little Monster is simple to set-up and use you should maintain a healthy respect for electricity at all times when operating this machine.
It is also important that you have a basic understanding of mechanical assembly techniques and electrical wiring. Under no circumstances should you open this machine if it is plugged in or turned on.
Avoid touching the heated print bed when operating and in particular the hot-end.
For younger users, (below 18yrs) we would strongly recommend an adult be present during assembly and also during operation.
Express Shipping is on us!!
Free Express Shipping?!?!
That's right!!! 
Provided there are no unforeseen delays your Little Monster 3D printer should get to you within 1-3 business days from date of order!!
Please note: Shipping may take longer than that general 1-3 business days if you are located outside of a metropolitan area
Free Express Shipping is currently available to Australia only for this particular item.
Local Shipping Info:
For local stocks/shipments we generally ship with Australia Post, CouriersPlease, TNT, DHL, Toll, Allied Express and StarTrack. Shipping usually takes 1-3 business days.
We specifically choose the services of reputable couriers. This is so we minimise potential delays, losses and damages. These services also allow us to track items in real time.
These services naturally do come at a higher cost. This however is how we have chosen to best manage shipping from point A to point B. Your customer satisfaction is our first and foremost priority! 
To avoid any unnecessary delays please ensure your contact info (Address/Phone number) is accurate. A mobile number is recommended and is required in case the courier needs to contact you.
Once shipped a tracking number will be provided to you. You will then be able to check the status of your order in real time via the courier website using your unique tracking number. 
Please advise Click Depot as soon as you have taken delivery of your 3D printer. Our team will send you files, links and resources to assist you in getting set-up correctly and allow you the best possible start.

Our goal is to offer you the best available shipping options. Each day, we ship to customers Australia wide whilst ensuring that we always provide the highest level of service and care. Consistency in service is fundamental.

The time frame for delivery is divided into two parts:

  1. Processing time: Order and address verification. All orders are sent to our warehouse and usually dispatch within 24 hours after the order is placed (and payment has cleared).
  2. Shipping time: This refers to the time it takes for the item/s to be shipped from our warehouse to it's destination. Express usually only takes 1-3 business days door-to-door. Please note this is provided there are no unforeseen delays. If you are located outside of a metropolitan area shipping may take longer than the usual 1-3 business days.

Note: The above time frame is a guide only. In many cases goods are rarely delivered beyond this timeframe. For your peace of mind, we provide tracking information which will allow you to keep an eye on the progress of your parcel in real time.

We use the services of reputable shipping partners which include (but are not limited to) Australia Post, Toll, CouriersPlease, StarTrack, TNT and DHL. Shipping usually takes 1-3 business days.

We have specifically chosen the services of these trusted company’s to “avoid” any unnecessary delays and/or related issues (losses/damages etc).

These services also allow us to track items in real time. 

Naturally these services do come at a higher cost. This however is how we have chosen to best manage shipping from point A to point B. Your customer satisfaction is our first and foremost priority!

Important Notes:

- Shipping is presently available to Australia only.

- Free shipping is available on all orders with a value of $100 and above.

- In the unlikely event Click Depot Pty Ltd reserves the right to cancel and refund (in full) an order should we deem the address provided as "undeliverable".







We provide a 30 Day return policy on all our products. Please kindly read the terms and conditions below before you return an item:

The buyer is wholly responsible for the assembly and setup of a product and as such Click Depot may not accept any returns once an item is opened, unpackaged and/or assembled.

    1. The period of 30 days is calculated from the date the item is dispatched. 
    2. The item must be returned in original resalable condition with all original packaging. Item must be unopened.
    3. PLEASE DO NOT stick or write on the packaging. Please place postage stickers on “outer” packaging only.
    4. Return shipping costs are not included in the purchase price and will be on the senders account.
    5. Refunds will be processed only once item is received by our warehouse staff who have confirmed the item to be unopened, undamaged and in resalable condition.
    6. Click Depot reserves the right to provide a "partial refund" if terms and conditions have not been adhered to. The refund amount will be at Click Depot's discretion and will handled on a case by case basis.
    7. Click Depot reserves the the right to "deny a refund" if the Return Policy terms and conditions are not adhered to.

Should you wish to return an item, please email us at for further instructions.

Please ensure you use a trackable shipping service. We would strongly recommend purchasing shipping insurance for high value items. Without a trackable service, we cannot guarantee that we will receive your returned item and therefore cannot guarantee you will receive a refund.


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